Learn How To Make Rag Quilts

Want To Learn How To Make A Rag Quilt?

We’ve all seen one, a rag quilt. While it’s not the best of titles, rag quilts is the only way to look at them. There are sites all over the Internet that state the rag quilt began in the 1700s by women trying to keep their families warm in those drafty houses they lived in back then. That’s all well and good. Rag quilts make great gifts, especially for those with a newborn in the house. The first question that forms in most people’s minds is… “how did they do that?” It’s a good question because the quilt squares are connected in such a way as to defy how the quilter was able to intermix the fabrics.
So it seems a few YouTube(TM) videos would be to help those without rag quilting experience get started rag quilting. Several rag quilters have said they began rag quilting by simply sewing four quilting squares together and then starting the snipping process. After this test run, they run the test squares through the washer and the dryer next to bring out the unique ragged appearance.
Here is some rag quilting for beginners videos that should help you get started.