Pinterest Rag Quilts

Learn How To Make Rag Quilts

Rag Quilts? What a quaint-sounding name for a quilt. At first, people may think it’s worn-out and raggedy,” but nothing could be further from the truth. A rag quilt is an average quilt with the bordering edges of the internal squares clipped about 1/4” from the edge. Once the quilt is sewn together, the quilter will take small scissors and clip each quilt square used, an average of 132 or more ‘clips’ per quilting square. Once this is completed, the quilt is washed and dried, giving the clipped edges of the quilt a ragged edge similar to the image displayed below:

Below you will find some of our favorite Pinterest pins that will help you start learning how to create your rag quilt. Before you go… rag quilt materials don’t need to be exotic (expensive) materials. Everyday cotton is the best bet for making a great-looking rag quilt for first-time rag quilters. Remember how many clips you need to make on the quilt squares, so don’t settle for some thick quilt material, or your fingers will pay the price for it.